Artist's Statement

Several years ago I executed a body of work in watercolor using scraps of fabric. As I started to paint these still life set ups I began to see outlines of the human form repeated over and over again. It occurred to me that the same sense of flowing soft curves and sensuous images found in folds of fabric were also present in the human body.

My current work combines a nude or nudes with folds of fabric as a support adding to the sense of design. In effect the work is like two paintings in one. The nude, painted in a realistic manner, and the cloth with elements of abstraction. Drawing upon Schiele for line, Pearlstein for composition and Vargas for the nude, the piece takes shape. The patterned fabric is created by borrowing a portion of a painting done by a modern artist that I feel will work with the pose the model has assumed to achieve the feeling I am looking for.

I hope that when one views my work they see the beauty of the nude figure with its flawless design . I am in awe of the fluid line, proportions and the coordination that make up the design of the human form. This applies not only to the outward appearance but the inner workings as well. When you add the soul or being to this you truly have a work of art.